South Yorkshire's leading provider of all fuel types and services across the South Yorkshire region.


RDS Fuels offers reliable, friendly and cost-efficient delivery on all heating oils throughout the South Yorkshire region.

Our Red Diesel is a high-performance, low duty fuel suited for agricultural use, and RDS Fuels offers delivery to all clients throughout South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. As a durable and reliable fuel source, red diesel is ideal for use in most industrial or commercial applications, and is a cost-efficient way of powering your business.

Red diesel can be used in off-road, untaxed vehicles such as farm equipment and industrial machinery, without the need for tax, and as a low duty form of fuel, it can make economic sense for your business. RDS Fuels offer the best quality service on all red diesel deliveries throughout Doncaster, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, and furthermore it is available for regular or one-off deliveries direct to your place of work- what ever works for our customers works for us.

It is vital to the success of your business that your industrial or agricultural equipment doesn’t grind to a halt due to low diesel levels, so RDS Fuels even offer an emergency delivery option, available year-round on short notice.

Fuel prices fluctuate in line with the price of crude oil and can change daily. Get in touch today for more information about our red diesel services and our competitive up-to-date pricing.